Automatic crypto trading
No time for trading or to watch the market all the time? Not bad, we have a solution.

Exclusive buy and sell signals
generated by unique and cooperated indicators. Specialized in technical analysis of bitcoin markets.

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Net Profit*
Total Closed Trades*
Percent Profitable*
Profit Factor*
Max Drawdown*
* Calculated with 5000$ / 100% equity / no stoploss / from 02.01.2020 to 19.04.2022 / Backtest from TradingView.
The Signals

comes directly from our strategy in Tradingview.
How can I know that it is successful?
There is no guarantee of success in the future, but there is a decisive fact that it is: the net profit!
Repaint versus…
The data will only be written retrospectively, so the results are not real and will usually bring losses. But the backtest shows a perfect growth curve.
…non repaint
This is the JunctionBot - without repaint - so the results are real! It has the same growth curve: exponential!
How much is the profit?
Calculated with 5000$ / 100% equity / 2.7% stoploss
How I can get access?
We are now on Cryptohopper.
What is still to do?
Create an Exchange Account
We recommend using an Exchange with small fees.
Create a Cryptohopper Account
To run the bot, you still need a cryptohopper account.
Subscribe a plan
In order to use all the functions of the bot, you need a subscription to cryptohopper.
Subscribe JunctionBot
In order to use the functions of the bot, you need a subscription to the bot itself.
Create a hopper
Create your own hopper or use our template (coming soon) with our signals.